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September 2023

Spa Pedicure

Champagne and Rose Pedicure

Celebrate and reward your feet! Indulge and enjoy a complimentary sparkling wine while relaxing as rose petal foot scrub and rose clay mask and warm lotion massage.

T2T Classic Spa Pedicure

This pedicure includes cleaning, nail shaping, cuticle details, callus treatment, warm towel therapy, massage and polish of your choice.

Green Tea Pedicure

This pedicure provides feet with the anti-aging benefits of tea to help relax and rejuvenate skin while protecting and repairing damage. The Green Tea scrub and mask, which is infused with antioxidant green tea is applied.

Hydrating and Healing Spa Pedicure

Revitalize the skin with paraffin, the natural enzyme found in papaya and powerful anti-oxidants for guava nectar. Together, this blend gives radiance while infusing the skin with maximum hydration.

Peaceful Lavender Pedicure

Stress relief pedicure. Lavender scented exfoliating scrub remove dry skin. A warm lavender foot treatment is applied to decrease fluid retention and swelling. Leg and foot massage is concluded in this relaxing pedicure experience.

Garden Rose Pedicure

For a few moments, your life becomes a bed of roses. Your tired and trampled feet are revitalized in a luxurious foot bath with rose salt scrub and a rose bouquet.Then take a pleasure in an exfoliating rose salt a scrub and stone clay mask that polishes the skin and leaves it smooth and supple.

Chocolate Spa Pedicure

A very delicious and decadent chocolate spa experience line no other. A combination of chocolate scrub, masque and cream will make you skin soft and delicious for hours.

Cool-Mint Spa Pedicure

This delight will have your feet tingling and your body mingling. A mint exfoliating scrub is applied to remove your dead skin. Then your legs are wrapped in a stimulating cool masque to relieve dry skin, rejuvenate and maintain youthful elastic.

Hot Stone Pedicure

The therapeutic service includes the use of hot polished basalt stoes to intensely massage your feet and calves stimulating blood flow for total relaxation. Scrub and paraffin treatments are also applied.

Exfoliating Soothing Cocoa Butter Pedicure

This pedicure helps remove dead and dry skin. It leaves your feet feeling like air.

Raw Earth Pedicure

A super-hydrating, aroma therapeutic pedicure packed with vitamins and minerals to promote beautiful, healthy-looking feet. A warming, raw sugar A.H.A foot scrub that exfoliates, polish smoothes and refines. Protective volcanic day feet massage fortified with hydrating vitamins and minerals to deep condition the skin, smoothing moisturizer, rich in vitamins and minerals shields the skin with a stain finish.

Anti-Aging Pomegranate Pedicure

Indulge and nourish your feet with a pomegranate and sea salt scrub loaded with nutrients and snit-aging oxidants. Then melt away with a warm foot wrap to further soothe and soften your skin.

Milk and Honey Pedicure

Moisturizing exfoliate feet a milk and honey scrub, which combines of dead sea salt and soybean oil, is applied to help circulation and rejuvenating your skin. A deep dermal transforming wrap brings moisture to a deep level of dermis. Then massage with a milk and honey lotion to soften and smooth your skin.

Tropical Paradise Pedicure

A spa pedicure with products that contain triple action fruit derived from AHA’s leaving legs silky smooth.

Spa Paraffin Pedicure

Paraffin is amazing for dry skin if leaves your feet feeling silky smooth.

Lemon Pedicure

This deluxe citrus Facial for the feet is the ultimate restorative treatment. The Crystalline citrus scrub reawakens the skin and reduces the visual signs of aging. The citrus mask rejuvenates and helps restore skin to a more youthful appearance. Lemon wedges are gently rubbed onto dried-out toenails to restore the white, clean and healthy look.